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Bynry Taken Care of All Of The Commercial Operations at VGL and Improve Its Efficiency By 30%

Vadodara Gas Ltd. (VGL) worked with Bynry for varied commercial operations including metering, billing, distribution and payment collection to improve operational efficiency and consumer experiences.

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Industry: Gas Distribution

Scope: Metering, Billing, Bill Distribution, Consumer Care, Collection Center Management, Hardware and support.

Consumer Base


Consumer Categories

Domestic and Commercial



Key Challenges

  • Unreliable meter readings
  • Irregular bill distribution
  • Manual handling of meter reading and consumer data
  • Improper handling of customer grievances
  • Absence of supervision and control over the overall process

Bynry streamlined our backend operations and offered us access to real-time data with daily tracking reports. It certainly helped us to identify areas that needed improvement. Needless to say, the data helped us to increase employee efficiency multi-fold. We are truly impressed with their solutions and workforce. It is always a pleasure to work with such a dynamic team.

Commercial Head • Vadodara

About VGL

VGL was set up as a joint venture between Vadodara Mahanagar Seva Sadan (VMSS) and GAIL Gas Limited. They cater to domestic and commercial consumers with a mission to supply eco-friendly fuel to everyone. As it expands its market base, VGL plans to expand its PNG and CNG distribution network to areas outside the city of Vadodara.

VGL casestudy
VGL casestudy


Given that VGL catered to a wide audience with varied needs, there were a number of challenges that arose. They affected the company’s profit margins, brand image and customer satisfaction.

Some of the main challenges identified were:


Unreliable meter readings

VGL depended on manual meter readings for bill generation. This had a high risk of error and made the data unreliable.There were a number of instances where in the field force entered the wrong meter readings, missed a reading, entered the the wrong information while data entry, etc. There were also many instances wherein the meter readings were delayed.

Irregular bill distribution

As a result of unreliable and delayed meter readings, bill generation and distribution too was delayed. Many consumers did not get their bills in time each month. Even when the bills were generated to time and with the correct data, there were many instances when the bills did not reach the consumer because of incomplete address records.

Manual handling of meter reading and consumer data

The company’s data from meter readings and consumer details was handled manually. This made the information unreliable not only for billing purposes but also for the company to base its future decisions on.

Improper handling of customer grievances

Depending on manual effort for meter readings and consumer details led to a high number of complaints from customers regarding improper billing and other such issues. However, the team was not equipped to deal with these issues. This increased instances of customer dissatisfaction and affected the brand’s image.

Absence of supervision and control over the overall process

There were no standardized process followed to monitor and manage operation teams. This made it difficult for different departments to communicate with each other and made it almost impossible to track data and information flow. This further caused difficulties with the transparency of information.


As a growing gas distribution agency, VGL needed a partner who could introduce technology & domain expertise and smoothen the adoption process. Bynry met both these parameters and was hence identified as the perfect partner. With the expert knowledge and field experience, Bynry was able to improve operational efficiency and support VGL’s growth plans.


On-site spot billing

Bynry introduced spot billing to make meter readings and bill generation quicker and more efficient. These bills were generated on preprinted bills. By doing this, the bill generation to payment cycle was reduced and VGL was able to adhere to the billing schedule.

Integrated payment collection

Instead of relying solely on cash for bill payments,Bynry integrated payment collection through various channels. 9 centers were set up to collect and manage payments. This helped the company improve the customer experience and improved their own cash flow.

Proper Consumer Data Handling

Bynry quickened the process of entering and managing consumer data to reduce the instances of human error to improve customer satisfaction. Proper handling of meter reading data helped the company generate bills on actual consumption and thus improve their revenue flow. Similarly, proper handling of consumer information helped reduce the number of missed readings and helped ensure bills were delivered to the correct addresses.

Training for field force and back end teams

To help the company make optimal use of the innovative technology being installed, Bynry trained a field force and back end team of 17 Meter Readers, 5 Back-office and 12 CC Executives. This helped improve operational efficiency and communication between departments.

Streamlined operations

Along with training executives, Bynry also streamlined operations through the introduction of smart technology and helped the executive team supervise the working of the field force. This smoothened processes and increased transparency.


After using Bynry's automated digital solutions BESL could bolster its overall operational efficiency and reduce commercial loss by 30%


Accurate Billing

By employing Bynry's automation technology, BESL could reduce average high billing by 15%.

Increased Efficiency

Streamlining of human resources and optimization of distribution network improved by 30%.

Human Resource Streamlining

90% of the human resources in BESL were trained and aligned to the new technology within 60 days.

Efficient Field Staff

From around 50 meter reading to 150-200 meter readings a day, the filed force could improve their performance drastically.

Improved Accuracy

BESL could achieve 100% accuracy inmeter data as well as transparency in activities related to billing.

Accurate Meter Data

The solution enabled the installation of metersat the right address and GPS co-ordinates were captured and tagged. The data could be viewed real-time for future use.


Improvement in Efficiency and Billing Accuracy

Digitizing meter readings and the other innovative technologies introduced by Bynry made VGL more efficient, improved billing accuracy and boosted customer satisfaction levels.

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Operational Efficiency Improvement

30 %

Data Billing Accuracy Improvement

95 %

Consumer Experience Increase

100 %

Billing Schedule Adherence

100 %