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Dial-A-Room partners with Bynry to launch hotel booking SAAS platform

Dial-A-Room partnered with Bynry to develop and launch their hotel booking SAAS platform.Bynry’s solution was integral to boosting efficiency, experience and Dial-A-Room’s business growth.

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Industry: Online platform for B2B accommodation

Scope: HTML Website development, Back office and Android Mobile Application


Digital Ocean Cloud, Python, Django, HTML, Android

Engagement Period


Deployment Time

6 Months

Key Challenges

  • No in-house Technical Expertise
  • Sluggish time to market
  • No integration of services
  • Absence of proper tech-support

Salient Features

  • Website and Mobile App platform for bookings
  • Efficient consumer servicing
  • Automated marketing emails
  • Secure and integrated payment methods
  • Back office portal

I have been using Bynry’s PowerPlay for a while now and it has earned a special place and strong reputation for facilitating on-time meter reading and bill distribution. By implementing the solution we could deliver high quality services and reduce commercial loss by 30%. We also noticed 50% improvement in consumer indexing and 100% meter data quality. I will recommend the solution to my peers.

Commercial Head

About Dial-A-Room

Dial-A-Room is an online SAAS solution for B2B accommodation. The platform is designed as the meeting ground for hotel owners and corporates looking for short-term accommodation for their employees.

Dial-a-room casestudy


Dial-A-Room had twin challenges of onboarding new vendors and finding corporate clients. Without in-house technical expertise, the vendor and customer onboarding were not being able to keep up with the company’s intended growth plan.

The key challenges identified were:


No in-house Technical Expertise

Dial-A-Room was dependent on multiple vendors for their IT needs. The absence of a single end-to-end service provider slowed down processes and communication. This affected the way the company could access their data pool for decision making and its growth.

Absence of proper tech support

Without tech support, fixing even minor technical issues took longer than necessary. Data management and updating became difficult and as a result, data quality standards fell. They also did not have help working with the cloud server and thus were unable to use it to its full potential.

Sluggish time to market

Not getting all services under one roof slowed down the design and development processes. As a result, upgrades to the platform were slow. This affected the user experience and Dial-A-Room was unable to keep up with what customers and vendors required.

No integration of services

Give their dependency on multiple vendors, different aspects of the services were handled independently. Thus, the platform’s offerings were disjointed. It affected onboarding vendors and customers, revenue collection and the company’s reputation.


Recognizing that they were being held back by a lack of technical expertise, Dial-A-Room wanted to partner with an end-to-end digital solution provider. Bynry was chosen the company had the solutions needed to overcome the technical challenges faced by Dial-A-Room and could consolidate all the required services.


User-friendly Website and Mobile app

A new website was developed that focused on easy navigation and cloud support for data management. In addition, Bynry developed an app for Dial-A-Room that helped accommodate the needs of consumers while they were on the move. The new website and app made it easy for corporate clients to find hotels that matched their accommodation needs, thus increasing onboarding and conversion rates.

Back-office portal for data management and support

Bynry gone through a thorough analysis of requirements and existing complexitiies and adopted agile methodology to execute projects, prioritize requirements and manage data complexities. With Bynry’s help. MCCIA was able to update the way it stored and processed data.

Building a new Platform

Bynry also offered comprehensive back-office support for data maintenance. This helped reduce the time taken to resolve technical issues and made it easier to launch updates. Bynry also designed custom solutions to manage data complexities.

Interactive chatbot

Bynry introduced AI-based chatbots to channelize communication between the platform, vendors and corporate clients. The new interface made it easy to makes inquiries and gave the Dial-A-Room team the ability to respond to these inquiries faster. Better communication resulted in a strong brand image and growth in terms of higher vendor and customer onboarding.

3rd party integration for automated marketing emails

In order to improve brand recognition and communication, Bynry introduced a customized feature for automated marketing emails. This helped the marketing team promote new initiatives and services in most efficient way.

Digital payment integration

Bynry developed a secure digital payment interface to make payment collection easier. This helped Dial-A-Room keep track of outstanding and received payments and reduced the risk of fraud. A system of SMS and Email notifications was also introduced to send reminders for outstanding payments. This improved cash flow and made the system more transparent.


After using Bynry's automated digital solutions BESL could bolster its overall operational efficiency and reduce commercial loss by 30%


Accurate Billing

By employing Bynry's automation technology, BESL could reduce average high billing by 15%.

Increased Efficiency

Streamlining of human resources and optimization of distribution network improved by 30%.

Human Resource Streamlining

90% of the human resources in BESL were trained and aligned to the new technology within 60 days.

Efficient Field Staff

From around 50 meter reading to 150-200 meter readings a day, the filed force could improve their performance drastically.

Improved Accuracy

BESL could achieve 100% accuracy inmeter data as well as transparency in activities related to billing.

Accurate Meter Data

The solution enabled the installation of metersat the right address and GPS co-ordinates were captured and tagged. The data could be viewed real-time for future use.


A Co-ordinated Approach to Faster Growth

Bringing all digital services under one roof and updating the technical infrastructure helped the Dial-A-Room platform become more user-friendly. The company’s operationsbecame more streamlined to enable them to meet current and future business development needs.

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Increase in Vendor Registration

60 %

Increase in Bookings through App

65 %

Increase in Sales

100 %