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Energy efficiency

Stop Energy Wastage, Save Money

Staying energy efficient is not just about saving a few bucks. It is also about being a responsible company that is committed to reducing energy wastage. Yes, EnSense is your way to stay eco-friendly while saving significant operational cost. A cloud-based, smart technology platform, it can change the way you understand and use and energy. EnSense can sense your power usage, identify energy saving opportunities, help reduce wastage and even predict your consumption pattern.

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A technology that not just lets you save energy, but tracks the performance of your field force, helps manage your assets and facility.

Asset Management

Asset Management

Tracking and managing assets and infrastructure at the right time can help save huge bucks.

Challenge Challenge

Failure in the proper handling of assets, unable to track assets that are deployed in various locations, lack of coordination between teams, and real-time and accurate information about the condition of infrastructure are some of the challenges big corporates face.

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Our asset management solution is not just about ensuring maintenance of your assets on time. It is also about guaranteeing that they complete their life cycle helping you reduce operational costs. In fact, you can gain up to 15% cost reduction if you have the right asset management service in place.

Facility Management

Facility Management

For an organization to thrive, it is imperative for the facility managers and heads to achieve efficiency. EnSense can help you achieve just that.

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Not replacing aging equipment in your facility, managing time, coordinating with various departments, and optimizing resources – the challenges an organization faces are many.

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When old equipment is replaced on time, the human resources at your facility can function smoothly. EnSense is a cutting edge technology that can help you ensure efficient facility management by equipping your employees with valuable insights into your operation, the life cycle of your products and performance of your resources. The head of a facility can use these mission-critical insights to identify and replace old equipment and optimize the productivity of the resources within the facility multifold.



Challenge Challenge

From ensuring on time maintenance and installation of products to measuring the performance of filed workers, the challenges are countless.

Our Solution Our Solution

EnSense is a platform that lets you create an extensive catalogue of services and products while automating timely service, delivery and maintenance schedules. Besides all these, you can attain up to 95% improvement in quality and accuracy and 15% cost reduction. Now is the time to let EnSense improve your energy and operational efficiency.


What Makes EnSense A Much Sought After Solution?

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Fruitful Partnership

Fruitful Partnership

When you partner with us, you stand to gain the right mix of IT solutions, services, consultations and the valuable insights of experienced professionals.Our experts employ a tech- agnostic approach to fulfill your business needs.

Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions

In the world of business what distinguishes a leader and a follower is the ability to ideate and innovate seamlessly. We at Bynry offer ingenious and cutting-edge solutions that help you stay one step ahead of the game.

The Right Support

The Right Support

Technology is not just about the efficiency of programs and inbuilt features; it is also about the post-sale support. Our tech team is happy to help you 24x6 with any queries you might have. All you need to do is give us a shout.


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So, how about gaining 95% improvement in quality and accuracy in your operations? Someone has already achieved it. Read on to know more about their success story and then let's write yours too.

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