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ESSEL Partnered with Byrny to undergo a Digital Transformation Through Spot Billing and Collection

ESSEL worked with Byrny to transform its manual operations and digitize services. This helped them increase the percentage of consumers billed on actual basis to 90% and improved overall efficiency.

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Industry: Power Distribution

Scope: Photo Meter Reading, Spot Billing, Spot Collection, Quality Control

Consumer Base


Consumer Demographics

Domestic, Non-Domestic/Commercial, Industrial, Agriculture

Engagement Period

May 2016 to November 2017

Key Challenges

  • Unreliable data collection and lack of QA
  • Irregular billing schedule
  • Non-actual billing
  • Revenue collection
  • Suspicious Activities

Salient Features

  • Photometer reading with GPS details
  • Real-time trackingand Control on meter reading process
  • Quality control on the captured data using validations
  • Meter reading and suspicious remarks by MR
  • Consumer and meter data indexing
  • Real-time dashboard and automated daily reports

It took only 90 days to fully integrate photo meter reading and billing solution for team Bynry.Their helped us connect their PowerPlay solution with our existing ERP on real-time basis. After implementation, I am proud to say that we have reduced commercial loss by 30%. Not just that, there is 26% reduction in consumer complaints as well. Absolutely happy with Bynry’sPowerPlay



ESSEL Infraprojects Ltd. Is one of India’s fastest growing infrastructure companies. The venture focuses on improving the quality of people’s lives through multiple verticals including power utilities. Their projects are spread across 100 cities in India that serve a consumer base of over 350,000 people. To improve their services, ESSEL constantly embraces and promotes the use of new technology and digital innovation.

ESSEL casestudy
ESSEL casestudy


ESSEL aimed at delivering seamless power and improving customer relationships. As a fast growing company, ESSEL had a constantly increasing customer base which made it increasingly difficult to achieve their aim. Their inability to adopt new technology and dependence on manual labor only made this harder.

Some of the main challenges identified were:


Unreliable Data Collection and lack of QA

ESSEL relied on people to visit individual homes and take meter readings manually. This made it very difficult to streamline data collection and standardize records. The data collected was unreliable and affected decisions as a gap in revenue to be collected.It also slowed down the process of responding to customer inquiries and follow-ups and, in turn, affected operational efficiency and their bottom line.

Irregular Billing Schedule

Depending on a manual force to take meter readings had two main issues- there was a high risk of human error and a high chance that a meter reading would be skipped. This might be because of the the meterconditions, human error locked premise or wrong address.Without accurate and timely meter readings, bill generation impacted. In turn, this affected payment collection and cash flow.

Non-Actual Billing

In the absence of trustworthy meter readings, a large percentage of bills were being generated by taking averages into account. While this was beneficial for customers, at times, it meant that they were billing customers less than the actual usage. There were also cases of fraud that emerged because of the non-actual billing.

Revenue Collection

Along with bill generation being irregular, in many cases, the customers were not indexed accurately. This leads to a number of bills not reaching the consumer in time. As a result, collecting payments became difficult , also non-actual billing created gap in actual revenue to be collected. This affected the company’s bottom line Based on this, ESSEL identified that to collect revenue and maintain good relationships with customers, the company needed smart meters and other such technological innovations.


In their search for a technology partner to push the company into the future, ESSEL partnered with Byrny and a range of solutions was designed to overcome their challenges. There were a number of reasons that made Bynry the perfect partner- they had the technological expertise, access to the latest innovations and consultants who who would train help the ESSEL team and build an all-round solution. Within a very short time frame, they were able to help the company undergo a complete digital transformation


Photometer Reading with GPS Tagging

Bynry helped ESSEL replace the outdated manual meter reading system with photo meter reading and started capturing GPS details.This made the process more reliable and accurate. introduction of GPS tags played many roles. Key amongst them is the tracking of meter location and paper bill delivery.

Spot Billing and Collection

Bynry’s solution for spot billing made it easier for the company to collect payment for bills. The bill distribution time saved consumers no longer had to stand in long queues to pay their bills. It also ensured that all amounts, big and small, could be paid easily thus shortening the meter-to-cash cycle and improving cash flow. Spot billing also improved transparency in maintaining payment records and helped improve ESSEL‘s reputation.

Customer Indexing

Bynry indexed all existing and new customers with GPS enabled meters. The company’s field team could not plan their route to ensure they did not miss out on any meter reading and helped identify potential fraudsters with unauthorized connections. Correct indexing of customer also simplified record management and ensured that customers got their bills in time. This improved customer experiences and reduced the occurrence of complaints.

SMS Alerts

Bynry created a seamless communication flow between the company and its customers. For example, customers can now get SMS alerts when a member of the field team was scheduled to take a meter reading. This reduces the risk of them having to skip taking a reading because the house owner isn’t at home. Better communication also led to quicker resolution of customer enquiries.

Real-Time Dashboard and MIS Reporting

Bynry gave ESSEL access to a Management Information System (MIS) in order to track consumed indexing, data,, billing, payments, enquiries and more. ESSEL now had access access to real-time data about power consumption across different sectors. This helped the company function more efficiently and smoothly.


KEDL could tackle all the challenges with Bynry’s automation solution and as a result, they could achieve the below results in just 60 days:


Improved Meter Reading Accuracy

By employing Bynry's automation technology, BESL could reduce average high billing by 15%.

Increased Efficiency

Streamlining of human resources and optimization of distribution network improved by 30%.

Human Resource Streamlining

90% of the human resources in BESL were trained and aligned to the new technology within 60 days.

Efficient Field Staff

From around 50 meter reading to 150-200 meter readings a day, the filed force could improve their performance drastically.

Improved Accuracy

BESL could achieve 100% accuracy inmeter data as well as transparency in activities related to billing.

Accurate Meter Data

The solution enabled the installation of metersat the right address and GPS co-ordinates were captured and tagged. The data could be viewed real-time for future use.


Digital Transformation and Improved Efficiency

By switching from manual operations to digital functioning, ESSEL improved billing and collection. This further improved cash flow and increased profit margins.

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Consumers Billed

90 %

Revenue Collection Increase

25 %

Data Reading Achieved


Complaint Reduction

85 %