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KEDL Experienced A 30% Increased Efficiency In Metering And Billing Activity

Kota Electricity Distribution Limited, popularly known as KEDL, employed Bynry’s Photo meter reading solution to reduce revenue leakage and improve efficiency. They could witness around 30% efficiency in meter reading within just 60 days with Bynry solutions and services.

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Industry: Power

Scope: Photo Meter Reading and Bill Distribution with Field Force deployment

Team Size

30 member in field force, 4 QA Team

Consumer Base


Consumer Demographics

Domestic, Industrial, Commercial

Key Challenges

  • Lack of Automation
  • Inaccurate Meter Reading
  • Increased Consumer Complaints
  • Increased Theft and Non-actual billing
  • Lack of Route Mapping

Salient Features

  • Photometer Reading
  • Accurate Indexing With GPS Data
  • Real-Time Meter Reading Data
  • Quality Control Using Validations
  • Bill Distribution Tracking

With the help of Bynry, we implemented photometer reading and billing solution. It took only 60 days for them to streamline the billing operations with their tech-based solution and only 3 months to implement it. Using the solution we could connect and access the data on real-time dashboard which invariably led to a 30% increase in operational efficiency. We also experienced a note worthy reduction of 26% in consumer complaints.

CEO • Kota

About KEDL

KEDL, a power distributor based out of Kota, Rajasthan, is a fully-owned subsidiary of CESC Limited and boasts of a consumer base of 235,000. The company is a franchisee of JVVNL (Jaipur VidyutVitaran Nigam Limited).

KEDL casestudy
KEDL casestudy


As a growing power distribution franchisee, KEDL wanted to embrace technology to ensure better customer experience and retention. They also wanted to automate the process so that productivity and operational efficiency can be improved multi-fold. As a part of bringing in automation to the business operations,

KEDL reviewed their existing practices and identified the below challenges:


Lack Of Automation

Boiled down to essential, lack of automation was the only problem which contributed to other challenges such as operational inefficiency and reduced the productivity of the field force.

Inaccurate Meter Reading

Heavy reliance on manual labor has led to inaccurate and irregular meter reading bill generation and bill delivery. Lack of a proper consumer tagging and meter location data was the main reason for lack of bill delivery or disconnection notification.The revenue leakage caused by this was affecting the bottom line of the company.

Increased Consumer Complaints

The result of irregular and inaccurate meter reading, bill generation and distribution was increased consumer complaint. Since KEDL did not have a system in place address the complaints growing consumer grievances they found it difficult to resolve them on-time.

Increased Theftt

was no way to track the on field meter condition actual location and suspicious activity or reading malpractices this resulted in increased theft and revenue loss.


With the help of Bynry’s futuristic automation solutions, KEDL could overcome the challenges and below listed are the solutions we offered to the them:


Accurate Meter Data

Meter photo with accurate date,time and GPS co-ordinates were made available via a real-time dashboard. This gave a hold over the operations and take actions on exceptional issues.

Human Resource Streamlining

Bynry trained BESL's resource to grasp and run the solution in order to ensure smooth transition.

Automated Reports

Reports related to abnormal consumption, disconnection, faulty meters, exceptional report etc. were automated and the relevant team could access them anytime anywhere. This data can be used to improve the operational process as well to create operational strategies.

Quality Checking Validations

Thorough multi-level validation processwas in place which increased billing accuracy and reduced theft and related revenue leakage.

Efficient Meter Reading Practices

To integrate the best meter reading practices, Bynry helped train 50 field and ground staff. Route sequencing and meter tagging were introduced based on the GPS data which helped the staff resolve bill sorting and delivery issues. Meters were installed outside the house which reduced door lock cases.The quality assurance which was part of the solution ensured verification of meter reading and it resulted in reduced customer complaints.


KEDL could tackle all the challenges with Bynry’s automation solution and as a result, they could achieve the below results in just 60 days:


Improved Meter Reading Accuracy

By employing Bynry's automation technology, BESL could reduce average high billing by 15%.

Increased Efficiency

Streamlining of human resources and optimization of distribution network improved by 30%.

Human Resource Streamlining

90% of the human resources in BESL were trained and aligned to the new technology within 60 days.

Efficient Field Staff

From around 50 meter reading to 150-200 meter readings a day, the filed force could improve their performance drastically.

Improved Accuracy

BESL could achieve 100% accuracy inmeter data as well as transparency in activities related to billing.

Accurate Meter Data

The solution enabled the installation of metersat the right address and GPS co-ordinates were captured and tagged. The data could be viewed real-time for future use.


Think Automation, Think Bynry

By embracing automation, KEDL not only improve the overall operational efficiency but also increase their bottom line as revenue leakages were identified and solved.

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Reduction In Billing

8 %

Reduction In Loss

18 %

Meter Reading Per/day


Improvement in Consumer

50 %