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A smart technology that ensures seamless operations can revolutionize the way your water distribution business works. You need a smarter and agile solution that can ease your processes while helping you save cost and human effort. SMART360, an innovative technological platform, is the answer to all your water supply woes. It is designed to offer a holistic picture of the Distribution operation network including consumer registration, billing, payment, service requests, and much more at the touch of a button

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From consumer onboarding to asset maintenance, walking you through every step of the process.

Consumer Onboarding

Consumer Onboarding

From tracking queries and responding to them to bringing new consumers onboard, SMART360 helps you streamline every process of the water distribution network to be efficient, cost-effective and prompt.

Challenge Challenge

Getting new consumers onboard and managing the existing ones can be difficult when you rely solely on manual operations. In addition to a high risk of human error, it is time-consuming to keep track of inquiries.

Our Solution Our Solution

The New Service Connection Module within the SMART360 ensures smooth interactions between your consumers and executives from the first touchpoint until the onboarding process is completed.

Consumer Care

Consumer Care

Prompt responses to consumer queries and service requests are the foundation for building strong consumer relationships. We help you do all of this and more.

Challenge Challenge

As your consumer base increases, so will the number of phone calls, SMSes and emails for inquiries and service requests. Keeping track of the complaints received via various platforms and responding to them in a timely manner is a herculean task. Failure and delay in addressing user concerns can prove damaging to your business.

Our Solution Our Solution

The multichannel consumer interface creates a single window for all queries, requests, and grievances. consumers can even make payments through this channel. The system is designed to categorize queries to make it easier for consumers to identify the consumer's needs and respond to them at a faster pace. Thus, your staff productivity improves and consumers stay happy.


Meter Data

Error-free and smart meter readings can to make your bill generation and payment collection simpler and efficient.

Challenge Challenge

Relying on manual operations for meter readings can have a high risk of error. This can lead to bill disputes that eat up your time and a chance of fraudulent consumption going unnoticed. When consumers underpay, it can harm your profit margins too.

Our Solution Our Solution

We offer GPS enabled photo meter billing that gives you accurate meter readings on the spot. The spot meter app lays the foundation for smooth bill generation and distribution. It also helps ensure that you generate timely bill cycles and get the right payment for your services.



Digital bill generation and distribution that runs like clockwork to optimize revenue generation.

Challenge Challenge

Shifting the position of a single number on a bill can have drastic effects. Thus, manually generated bills have a high risk of error. Similarly, the bills may not reach the intended consumer resulting in nonpayment.

Our Solution Our Solution

We offer an easy to trace, transparent system of digitally generated and distributed bills. This ensures that your consumers are always billed the right amount. With GPS in place, there is no risk of bills being misdelivered which means fewer disputes and smoother billing cycles.



Easier payment transfers with reduced risk of fraud and better insights into cash flow and money management, we help improve every step of the operation.

Challenge Challenge

Receiving payments through cash hinders traceability and processing checks takes too much time. You also need to deploy considerable resources to get this done. In many scenarios, it can lead to mounting outstanding payments and reduced cash flow.

Our Solution Our Solution

We offer a secure solution to make receiving online payments easier. This creates a transparent system to keep track of payments you have received and outstanding payments. It even allows on the spot check collection and digital payments so you can enjoy a better cash flow.

Data Handling

Data Management

Discreet and secure data collection and management- we understand its importance and ensure that it happens seamlessly.

Challenge Challenge

Manual operations are not only time consuming, but it also limits your control over how the data is collected and used. This keeps you from getting real-time analytical information and slows down your decision making processes.

Our Solution Our Solution

Our system gives you a way to collect data and store it securely, analyze it and get the information you need for future business decisions.

Asset Track


Stay on top your game with our effective Asset Management and Tracking (AMT) solution. Now, no more unwanted surprises.

Challenge Challenge

From time to time, a number of assets may be damaged or lost due to irregular maintenance. This is a major issue that can affect your profit margins.

Our Solution Our Solution

Our smart system has an Asset Management and Tracking (AMT) feature that catalogs all assets with their photographs and GPS locations. You can then get real-time alerts from the system when an asset breaks down. This can also be a tool to schedule preventive maintenance.


Why Industry Leaders Vouch For SMART360?

Our characterstics that makes a difference.

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Futuristic Solutions

Futuristic Solutions

Keeping up with an ever changing market is possible only with futuristic business solutions. We specialize in solutions that drive success and growth not just today but also in the future.

Hassle-free Process

Hassle-free Process

Efficient and hassle –free process are the foundation of long lasting business collaborations. Our process is as smart as our solutions and our growing clientele testifies to its effectiveness.

Flawless Support

Flawless Support

The reliability of an organization is determined not just by the solutions they offer but also by their post service support. We take pride in the flawless support we provide to our consumers anytime, all the time.


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